Dreamcraft Publishing
Named after my old band, Dreamcraft, Dreamcraft Publishing will publish my books ( Gar Song & Gary Mac
Leman) and songs for now. If in future there are others who wish to take advantage of my publishing expertise
that will be cool too.

I have two eBooks released to date. The first is a Young Adult fantasy novel entitled 'The Island of Water',
whilst the second is an action adventure story entitled 'Gold and Poppies'. Several more are soon to be
published; the children's story, 'Johnny and the Fish Fingers,' is finished, just awaiting preparation of a cover.
Keep an eye on the home page for further details.

Most of Dreamcraft's old CDs are still available, follow the links below for more information on them and a few
new discs I have recorded since my return to Australia. All of Dreamcraft's recorded tracks are available via
most music digital download sites.

(Gar 28/05/2014)
Proofreading/line editing and structural editing services
available - Best rates - High quality work - Email details
to gar@garsong.com

Australian, US and UK English.

Copy writing services - Dependent on time availability.

Songwriting, live sound engineering and studio recording
are areas I have lots of experience in and are services
which are also available. Obviously, in some cases, it
depends how far away you are.