The Island of Water
by Gar Song
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The Island of Water:

Keef is engulfed by Water Power, making a steep and hasty climb into arcane knowledge necessary.
Sireena too, becomes enchanted by exotic forces. Who is Artarman, the steadfast Head Brother of the
monastery? Haunted by forces, only partially understood, the two youths and Belgar, Keef’s guardian, are
caught up in spiralling obsession; tormented between their own ever-increasing abilities and what they
believe to be right and wrong.

The Island of Water faces a final straw; a mighty armada approaches, aiming at total subjugation. King
Ales leads an attack on the usurpers, and the escalating battle of magic comes to a head as the Storm Sage
sweeps in to assail his less powerful opponents.

Why is there magic? Where is it from? Who is the Earth Sage? Which events precipitated the magical
crisis and what occurs next? Follow Keef as he learns that past and future are not separate at all.
Release date :  13/12/13
I haven't recorded all the songs/tunes which appear in the book, but
here are links to songs and tunes which appear in the book and are
Echoes of Ancient Songs
        The Swan Within the Sea
        Tommy's Box (Tommy's Sitting on His Box Again)
The Hunting Kestrel/The Hungry Trout