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Gold and Poppies:

Siao Lin is a young Chinese geologist, who, after surviving an unfortunate assault aboard a drilling platform, finds herself in Australia and
able to search for further knowledge about her ancestor, Tamo, who arrived in Australia in the 1850s. Gold nuggets sent back to China by
Tamo are high in an exotic mineral and sought after by all manner of protagonists, willing to stop at nothing to find where the gold came from.
Russel Gibb, employed by a clandestine government security organisation is sent to help Siao Lin, but when the crunch comes it seems Siao
Lin must stand up for herself.

Mysterious songs, native men with subtle knowledge of the past and ethereal visions are entwined with ancient legends become real and
solid action as the story climaxes in the rugged northern Flinders Ranges in South Australia.
Release date :  21/12/13
When I get around to recording the songs which are mentioned in the book I will locate them on this site and the following links will become
    Wind Song
    In and Out the Sky
    Unwritten Song
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