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Festival Songlist
Hi! Thanks for visiting. This page contains a songlist with some additional information ans it'll give you an idea
of what I will be playing at festivals in general.
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1. Echoes of Ancient Songs
2. Busking Bandon Blues

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Mikey's hat (Gar+)
Echoes of Ancient Songs (Gar + Dreamcraft)
Busking Bandon Blues
Janey's Song (Gar)
Trace a Picture (Gar)

If you see me at a festival this year there is good chance the songlist will be similar to this one:

Whale Dreaming - (2016)(D-Tuned and played with an additional G harp)A new song about sharing a dream with whales.

Busking Bandon Blues - (1989)(Played with additional A harp) Written whilst busking in the sometimes frozen streets of
Bandon in west Cork. I'd drunk enough pints of Murphy's stout to win my first ever harmonica in the key of C and I set about
writing a song about what I was doing at the time. It gradually coalesced into the song as I play it today.

Colour My Dreams - (1987)

Loony Cooney's Hat - (2004) A song written about and dedicated to Mikey Cooney a man who loved music and always kept
the crowd at our Kilnamartyra gig jumping.

Echoes of Ancient Songs - (1991) This song was written about Irish people and Irish music. Whilst it is about many of the
magic and talented people I met during my many years living and playing music in Ireland and the oft' poignant times we
shared, it is also strongly about the connection between traditional music as it presently exists in Ireland, and the ancient tunes
and airs which echo through from prehistoric times.

Briefest Glimpse - (1995)(Played with an additional D harp)

Jigsaw - (2015) A simple song about growing old, looking back and being able to laugh at oneself regardless.

'Aint No Need - (1987)(Played with addition of an E harp) There are love songs and there are love songs. This is one of the
second category

Trace a Picture - (2007)

Dance with the Devil - (1991)(Played with the addition of an A harp) Simply a song about the evils of drinking alcohol.

No Bitter Tears - (1995) A song about war and some of the sadness it causes.

Magician's Cloak - An original air reminiscing about the time we met Richard Harris, shortly  before his death. He appeared
down a narrow, rocky stairway, dressed as Merlin, (doing a BBC special actually, at Tintagel Castle, in Cornwall). We were
pretty spaced out, having walked through Stonehenge at midnight of the previous night beneath a bright full moon and having
almost no sleep since.

Beyond the Storm - (1996)

Lonely Song - (2013) A song I wrote about feeling a bit lonely and sending my best wishes to someone far away.

Janey's Song - (2007)(Played with addition of an G harp) As with a lot of songs I write, multiple images are blended into one
theme. This song is about several girls I met, all admirable in their own ways and talented too.

Unwritten Song - (1991)

Wombat Shuffle - (1986)

Coming Winter at Willow Reach (1975)

Pialba Blues (God's Waiting Room Blues) - (2016) This is a very new song, barely a week at the time of writing. I've almost
finished recording it too; just need to shoot a video to go with it and look out YouTube...