Slanted sunlight bright beneath a dark cloud sky,
the seabirds cry.

To hear the waves that break upon a distant shore
and see the plains stretched for miles from so far away.

On a day when autumn leaves were dancing down the road
in wind which warned of winter frost,
and buoyed them chill,
swirling through the air.

Merlin climbed the castle stair,
up to the battlements.
Upon the watchtower he did gaze across the western seas,
a grey and endless sea.

Across the waves,
to where the sea fills caves with frothy foam,
he seemed to gaze, half in a daze,
across the ruffled sea to where once was his home.
He too seemed to hear the waves
that break upon that distant shore.

A shore of futures,
a shore of days long gone.

Ah. If I had known then how soon he would be gone
I should have spoken more,
and would have listened...
Autumn Loss & Memories - Gar Song (2002/2003)
spoken version of this poem.
Autumn Loss & Memories is a
poem which started with the
eccentricities of the season
and continued to describe a
meeting we had with Richard
Harris, dressed as Merlin, in
the ruins of the old castle at