Gar Song (

Lie and grasp the glimpses of your dreams,
touch fingers on their dewy morning blades,
grass growing to the sun,
flying in the sunrise just before the wind is born.
Before  the sunlight creeps across the land in shadow still,
and calm beneath the sky.

Dream and dream through summer days
the tricklin’ stream is miles away
eagles overhead are calling
know the flying and the falling
in and out the sky.

The warm wine of summer fasts,   December winds,
last only till the heavy leaves all long to fall.
The first daffodils are gone,   September frosts
forgotten ‘neath the warm spring sun.
Lie and view the moments of your clarity,
resting eyes upon the dreams,
through fears,
beyond your screams.

into the morning
and the evening,
the growing,
knowing I will always be,
in and out the sky,
a thunderstorm::