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Reminiscence of Things Imperfect - Boris Glikman

(Universal Variation on a Main Theme)
Written by Boris Glikman

It is the middle of a fresh December day.

I’m alone in the front yard,
building a snowman,
when the whole Universe
lands beside me.

I can see myriads of
stars, galaxies,
clusters and superclusters  
whirling inside it.

The blackness of its oceans of emptiness
contrasts sharply
with the whiteness of the snow.

The cracked magnifying glass
and the frayed tape measure
that I always carry with me,
being the budding scientist that I am,
have awaited this day.

I examine the Universe,
trying to solve
that age-old vexing question
whether it is infinite or not.

I search for a maker’s label
listing the Universe's specifications:
dates of manufacture and expiration,
gross and net weights, its exact ingredients,
but alas, the tag is nowhere to be found.

The Cosmos looks stretched,
too oblong for my liking,
so I pick it up and mould it  
into a nice spherical shape.

It then occurs to me that,
out of all the people in the world,
the Universe has chosen
to land at my feet.