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Did You Know - Beverly Lello
I was at the deli counter
buying cheese, a pungent parmesan.
Remember me.  Rosalie.
My mind commutes, a distant face.
Of course I do.
She asks
how’s the kids? the job?
the sort of things we measure time by.
We nod goodbye
I collect my cheese
encased in a neat white coffin of paper
line up at the checkout together.
I say
do you still live in town?
Time is bumping against us in the queue.
She answers
still got the house.
Don’t live there though
Lance died.  Cancer.  Did you know?
I felt that wrench, that fault line of pain
that dislocation a skier would feel
tumbling out of control.
I’m a lost soul she says
in a voice that staggers
then she slips away as
I pay for my cheese.