My first tour of Scotland, back in July of 1986, was both memorable and poignant. Somewhere way up on
the NW coast we set up camp for a couple of days. Just on dusk I was standing in icy cold estuarine
waters, up to my waist, patiently trying to catch a sea trout or salmon for our supper.

Of a sudden I noticed several weedy looking strands drifting up against the tide. On further examination
they proved to be sea horses, the first and only time I’ve ever seen such slow-motioned, faery  creatures in
the wild. They stayed as long as I did, well, lots longer actually, they lived there didn't they.The iciness of
the waters quickly drove me to seek the warmth of our campfire nearby.

Be nice to think I'll be back there one day, an' sure the heart will follow the blood.
Horses of the Sea - Gar Song