- Band Photos & Posters
These first 2 photos were
taken just before Dreamcraft
began, circa 1992.
Dreamcraft with the addition of
'Rob the Bones,' at the Elastiek
Festival at Hilvarenbeek. We had
a great weekend with the stage
performance and even a bit of
street busking. (Circa May 2002)
The last Poster
This is the photo which Geertien used to make
the poster above. That's our old Derryvereen
house in background, just before it was painted.
Geertien looking not quite sure
about the strong little wombat
from the song
'The Wombat
His name was
Prince William and later on that
evening he attacked and tried
to eat Dave's toes.
accounting for taste)
Publicity photo, shot circa 2000 in front of the
waterfall on the rocks near Tresaith beach in west
The house after painting. There was a wee bit of
magic there alright. I'd like to see how the oak trees
are too?
Here's a pic. we used
for publicity when Rob
was touring with us