Hi, I'm Gar and this is my website. I'm a songwriter, musician, writer and sound engineer living in Hervey Bay, Queensland Australia.
This site showcases my music and some of my writing. To view links to all the pages on this site, well, almost all, visit the website directory link.
My latest music video, 'Fire', filmed in and around an old slab built cottage, in the Hervey Bay Historical Village, in Zephyr St, is now on YouTube, you can view it by
clicking the link above.

All the best

                  Gar     (Wedensday 21st Febuary 2018)
Gods Waiting Room Blues
Whale Dreaming
One Night Stands
"Gar Mac Leman is a Hervey Bay resident who was based in Ireland for 18 years, playing music in pubs, clubs and at festivals all over Europe and Asia.
His strongly original songs are hard to categorise, and range from intricately fingered folk-style songs, right through to powerful blues/rock narratives. With
unique songwriting skills he recreates places and events from his varied experiences, weaving folk and rock with a variety of guitar tunings, a diversity of
rhythms and often the addition of a blues harp.
Echoes of Ancient Songs
Christmas Time