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Most Dreamcraft Music is
available online;
All tracks from the Dreamcraft CD, 'Echoes of
Ancient Songs,'
are downloadable for a small fee on
most of the major e-download sites.

I have copies of all three Dreamcraft CDs as well as a
CD-R of recent material available for anyone
interested. Contact Gar at .
Visit the
pages here
Link to Gar's
New CD
Hi!             Thanks for visiting
my site.           This music page
showcases a little of what I've
written and recorded over the
years. Present background
photo was taken whilst doing a
charity gig around 1990, in the
Emmet hotel in Cloich na
Coillte, Ireland.
Music Video Links
1. Echoes of Ancient Songs
2. Busking Bandon Blues

Gar Mac Leman Tracks & Clips
1. Mikey's hat
2. Echoes of Ancient Songs
3. Best of Luck
4. Busking Bandon Blues
5. Janey's Song (Clip)
6. Dragonsong
7. Trace a Picture (Clip)
8/. Second Song (Clip)
9/. Peacock Song (Clip)
10/. The Hunting Kestrel
11/. Charles Sutherland (Trad/Digital)

Gar Mac Leman Additional Tracks