Gar's Gigs

Recent Gigs:

On Sunday, 1/4/2018, I played both original songs and old traditional material for the Easter Festival Event at the Highfields Pioneer Village in Highfields
near Toowoomba in QLD. Very busy and lots of fun; I was super well looked after with food and drink.

16 - 18/3/2018, I played several gigs at 'The Coff's Hotel' which I enjoyed immeasurably. Marty and Donna looked after me well and I received great
response from the patrons. It was a grand celebration of the Paddy's day weekend.

On Sunday, 2/11/2017, i played a couple of short sets of original songs, along with a number of other songwriters, at the ASA Wax Lyrical night at  'Jandas
Pizzeria and Wine Bar', in Bundaberg. Sadly, this was the last gig I did for Janda as he sold the pizzeria early in 2018.

On Saturday 4/11/2017, after a long drive south, I played a set at 'The Tantric Turtle', a venue at the 'Northern Beaches Festival' at Collaroy Beach in
Sydney NSW. Misty rain fell for most of the day, but there were plenty of people out and about, enjoying the music.

On Sunday, 29/10/2017, I played a couple of sets at Jandas Pizzeria and Wine Bar in Bourbon St. Bundaberg. 'Twas a good crowd in and I enjoyed a
fantastic pizza after the gig.

On Sunday 22/10/2017, I played a gig at Jandas in Bundaberg and was fortunate enough to have Adam join me on bass for the whole gig. It was most
enjoyable having a really good, intuitive bass player to aid my musical endeavours.

On Sunday, 15/10/2017, I played a solo gig at Jandas in Bundaberg. It was very busy and I did 3 and a bit sets. Good night indeed.

On Sunday, 8/10/2017, I played lead guitar and sang harmony with Melinda Wells at Jandas in Bundaberg, QLD.

On Sunday, 1/10/2017, I played lead guitar and sang harmony with Melinda at Jandas in Bundaberg, QLD.

On Sunday, 24/9/2017, I did a shorter set at a 'Battle of the Bands for the Airlie Beach Festival'. Sound was very boomy and I played as well as I could,
getting a good response.

On Saturday, 23/9/2017, I played a long set at the Taylors Arm Hall gig. It went down very well indeed and as last year, the event was an unqualified

On Sunday 17/9/2017, I played my final gig of the 'Yass Turning Wave Festival' at the 'Festival Markets'. ( )

I again have one of my newer songs shortlisted in the AISA Songwriting Competition for 2017. It is the song 'Whale Dreaming'.

On Saturday 16/9/2017, I did a fun gig at the 'Festival Markets' in the morning and a more sedate one at 'The Sult' in the evening. Turning Wave Festival.

On Friday 15/9/2017, I played at the 'Lovat Chapel' and the 'Jazzbar' in Yass for the 'Turning Wave Festival'. The gig in the 'Yazzbar' was very busy and
loads of fun.

On Sunday, 10/9/2017, I played a solo gig at Jandas in Bundaberg, QLD.

On Monday, 4/9/2017, I played a solo, acoustic gig at the Torbay Retirement Village.

On Sunday, 3/9/2017, I played a solo gig at Jandas in Bundaberg, QLD.

On Friday, 1/9/2017, I again played lead guitar and sang harmony with Melinda Wells at Jandas In Bundaberg, QLD.

On Sunday, 27/8/2017, I again played lead guitar and sang harmony with Melinda Wells at Jandas In Bundaberg, QLD.

On Sunday, 20/8/2017, I played a solo gig, singing a mix of both originals and covers at Jandas in Bundaberg, QLD.

On Sunday 6/8/2017, I played with the 'Cool Country Band' at the Beach Front Stage after which I ruhed up to Bundaberg to play lead guitar with Melinda
Wells again at Jandas.

On Sunday 30/7/2017, I played lead guitar and sang Harmony with Melinda Wells at Jandas Pizzeria and Bar in Bundaberg, QLD. A nice fun night.

On Saturday 15/7/2017, I played bass and sang harmony with 'Rough As Guts' at 'The Miners Arms' at Torbanlea. It was a massive night, with a huge, jam
packed crowd dancing away madly.

On Sunday 25/6/2017, I played with both the 'Cool Country Band' and as a guest act with 'Rough As Guts'. Great day, I played bass guitar and sang
harmony with both bands.

On Sunday 4/6/2017, I played with the 'Country Music Band' at Bundaberg, QLD.

On Sunday 28/5/2017, I played as the bass player with the 'Cool Country Band', in Hervey Bay. A busy and enjoyable day was had by all.

On Friday, 12/5/2017, I played bass with 'Rough as Guts' at the 'Miner's Arms', in Torbanlea. 'Twas a good night, not hugely busy, just nice.

On Sunday, 6/5/2017, I played mostly bass with the 'Cool Country Band' at the Beachfront Stage, Pialba, Hervey Bay. It was a pleasant day with audience
enjoying the show from the soft grass with the ocean in the background.

On Sunday, 30/4/2027, I played bass with the Cool Country Band again, as well as doing a few of my own songs. It was quite busy and a good time was
had by all present.

On Monday, 25/4/2017, I travelled down to Dalby, for the ASA event at Mary's Commercial Hotel. Did a couple of sets as well as jamming with a few of the
other musicians. All in all a very pleasurable evening.

On Saturday, 15/4/2017, I finished off the gig at the Beachfront Oval and received great response from the audience.

On Wednesday, 12/4/2017, I played in the final of the Hervey Bay Unplugged competition at the Beach House Hotel in Pialba. I didn't win but must
congratulate Leonie Kingdom, who won the competition on the strength of her original songs. All the finalists will be able to do some recording at the
studio of Pacific Music in Hervey Bay.

On Thursday 6/4/2017 I played bass with the Cool Country Band at the community centre in Pialba

On Wednesday, 5/4/2017, I did a set of original songs at the semi-final of the Hervey Bay Unplugged competition. Got through to the final. This was held
at the Beach House Hotel, at Pialba, and featured loads of super-talented musicians.

On Sunday, 2/4/2017, I played bass with '
Rough Enough', at the Miner's Arms at Torbenlea, QLD. A fun outdoor gig.

On Monday, 27/3/2017, I drove south to an
ASA event at the Lismore Workers Club, in Lismore NSW. I played a short set of my own songs and received
a great reaction. Showcased a couple of new songs too.

On Sunday, 26/3/2017, I played bass guitar with the Cool Country Band at the Hervey Bay Community Centre. It was a day full of fun and interesting

Also on Friday, 17/3/2017, I played an Old Codger's gig (with Bruce & Michael) at Hoolies, Hervey Bay.

On Friday, 17/3/2017, with a lot of help from Lou I put both songs up on YouTube and Facebook.

I recorded 'Whale Dreaming', on Wednesday 15/3/2017, remixed it on Thursday 16/3/2017.

From Friday, 10/3/2017, until Tuesday 14/3/2017, I worked with film-maker Ludovic Petho, an old, old, friend. We filmed two tracks, 'Gods Waiting Room
Blues' and 'Whale Dreaming'.

On Wednesday, 8/3/2017, I played five songs in the Fraser Coast's Hit 101.9 Unplugged Competition at the Beach House Hotel in Hervey Bay QLD. I
made it through to the semi finals in 4 weeks.

On Monday, 6/3/2017, I played a couple of short sets at the ASA Event at Mary's Hotel in Dalby, QLD.

On Friday, 3/3/2017, I performed a few songs at an ASA Event at Gympie.

On Monday, 27/2/2017, I performed a short set at an ASA Event at the Lismore Workers Club.

On Sunday, 26/2/2017, I played bass guitar with the Cool Country Band at The Hervey Bay Community Centre.

On Friday, 17/2/2017, I played a solo gig at the Miner's Arms, Torbanlea.

On Sunday, 12/2/2017, I played a gig with 'Rough Enough', at the Miner's Arms, Torbanlea. Good Fun.

On Friday, 3/2/2017, I played a couple of sets at the Gympie ASA Event.

On Monday, 28/11/2016, at the Lismore Workers Club, ASA Event, showcased a short set of my own songs..

On Thursday 24/11/2016, I did a 15 minute spot at the Hervey Bay Stocklands Shopping Centre Food Court.

On Sunday, 20/11/2016, The Ol' Codgers, (Michael Reilly & Myself), did a gig at Hoolihan's Irish Pub.

One of my newer songs, Gods Waiting Room Blues, has been shortlisted in the open section of the ASAI (Australian Songwriter's Association)
Songwriting Competition.

The Macleay River Festival (23-25/9/2016) was fantastic, weather was perfect and so many people must have put in tremendous efforts; it showed, and
the crowds were all happy and smiling the whole day. The music also was great and I enjoyed immensely the gig with The Bush Rats. Thanks again to
Marc and Amanda as well as Jersey Jess and Luke.

The Turning Wave Festival, which stretched from the 16th to the 18th of September, was really special. Not only did it feature a mix of original and
traditional Irish music, featuring some fantastic musicians and songwriters, but it gave me a chance to showcase my own original material to a varied
audience; it was cer
tainly unexpected and great fun to do a couple of school gigs. The craic at Yass in NSW was indeed mighty and I can certainly
recommend you pencil the date in for next year. I met a heap of people from Clonakilty, where I spent so many years, which was also surprising.

The gig at the Taylors Arm Hall was excellent. Along with loads of other talented musicians I did a 20 minute set. I also got to play along with The Black
Cows, who are indeed an entertaining and fantastically lively band; thanks to Jersey Jess, Angus and Mad Cow. The day was a huge success and the
local school and hall raised lots of much needed funds; there is talk about the event going on again next year and I for one certainly look forward to it.
The Taylors Arm Hall is just across the river from The Pub With No Beer and lies around 23 klicks up the river from Macksville NSW. Plenty of free
camping in the area.
Latest on upcoming Gigs and Songs etc:

I am very pleased to be performing at the Tableland's Folk Festival in Yungaburra, far northern QLD. Gigs are:
7.45 pm Friday, 26th October in Obi's Garden Vibe.
4.30 pm Saturday, 27th October in the Quincan Cafe.
11.30 am Sunday, 28th October also in the Quincan Cafe.
I'll also be hosting a songwriting Workshop from 1 pm at the CWA Hall.
The Tablelands Folk Festival is the longest running Folk Festival in Queensland, held at Yungaburra, on the Atherton Tablelands, not far from Cairns.

On Sunday, 30th September 2018, I will be playing original and Irish songs, for 'The Irish Woolfest', at Boorowa in NSW. This should be a mad event with a
huge mob of sheep funnelled down the main street at the height of the event.

On Saturday, 25th August 2018, I will be performing on the Festival Stage, from 10.30 am, at the Yarrahapinni Festival in Stuart's Point NSW. Stuart's Point
is a great spot and I always look forward to returning there.