Gar Mac Leman
Hi!             Thanks for visiting my music info page.           It's a showcase of my musical exploits thus far.
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1. Echoes of Ancient Songs
3. Whale Dreaming
4. Gods Waiting Room Blues

Gar & Dreamcraft - Tracks & Clips
Mikey's hat (Gar+)
Echoes of Ancient Songs (Gar + Dreamcraft)
Busking Bandon Blues
Janey's Song (Gar)
Trace a Picture (Gar)
The Early Years: I wrote my first song in 1968 at age 17 and ever since then my priority has been to concentrate on original
material rather than covers. Between 1969 and 1986 I played in a few embryonic bands, but at that time, music was an
important hobby rather than a profession. In 1986 I began playing plugged in acoustic material in a few venues in Adelaide city
centre, mostly doing short spots between a friend's sets.

A Bit of Busking: I ventured overseas in late 1987 and initially, living in London, began busking in cold, windy streets to make
ends meet. In mid 1988 I crossed to Ireland and continued busking there, discovering within a few months that there was
indeed work to be had in local pubs. From 1988 until 1994 I played regular solo gigs around the SW of Ireland, performing
predominantly original songs, but with the occasional cover thrown in to placate the drinkers. I did well enough at Busking
Festivals too, winning the original song section at Crosshaven and getting into the finals numerous times, including at
Eniskillen, Butevant and Tramore.

From Ireland to the World: In 1994 I met Geertien Wynhoven, the other half of the band Dreamcraft. We began touring
from 1995, travelling all over the European continent, mostly during winter, and remaining in Ireland for the tourist rich
summers. This gigging increased steadily and we managed in excess of 300 gigs a couple of years in a row.

The last three months of 1998 found us in China, playing as a three piece. In 2000-2001 we spent several months touring Asia
and Australia, along with a bass player, Dave Barry, performing at a mixture of pubs and small festivals. This was quite a hectic
tour which was followed immediately by a further two months in Germany.

From 2001 until 2005 we continued to gig throughout Europe, sometimes with the washboard and bones player Rob the Bones
and also with Tom O'Leary flying on the button accordion. We were starting to get bigger venues and festivals which was lots
of fun and very rewarding.

Homecoming: Late in 2005 I returned to Australia, I was concerned about my mother's health issues and was more than a little
homesick for the Australian weather; despite the mighty craic in Ireland, the weather was crap and the money situation in
Ireland and Europe didn't appear to be going to improve in the near future. I spent a number of years retraining to teach writing
and editing and played very little music between 2005 and 2013. Of course I continued to write and record new material, even
releasing a CD of new songs in 2008, and did do the odd gig with local friends. I did an Australia Day Festival gig in Kempsey
in 2013 and made an appearance at the Yarahappini Busking Festival, late in 2014.
In 2014 I relocated to Hervey Bay, QLD to
be closer to my mother
. I play on and off with the 'Cool Country' band and do the odd gig as a bass player with 'Rough As Guts'
a local blues combo
. In 2016 I played for the first time at the 'Turning Wave Festival', in Yass NSW. Also in 2016 I performed
my original material at the 'Whale Festival' at Hervey Bay and the 'River Festival' at Kempsey, NSW. Again in 2017 I
performed at the 'Turning Wave Festival,' in Yass and will soon play in the 'Northern Beaches Festival' at Collaroy in Sydney,

The Future: My aim for the near future is to continue writing and recording, with the aim on new media style releases, such as
streaming and YouTube and to try and get as many gigs in small, or not so small, festivals as often as possible. I have a set list
of all original material aimed to cover between 50 minutes and an hour, can do the odd cover if it's really needed, but prefer to
stick to what I do best; my own songs.

I am well into the process of creating a strong web presence and building up an online following, all of which will be of huge
benefit, particularly with the unique and strongly individual style of my own material, and should bring new clientele to these
events, which of course I will also publicise via my own postings on my website, Facebook, Twitter, a variety of blogs and

Several links below will take you to the CD I published in 2008, General Dreamcraft info, the Dreamcraft Bio and press page
as well as a new Gar's Press Publicity and Pictures page, Festival Bookings page, and my current Festival Songlist.