(Updated 6/6/07)

Geertien Wijnhoven & Gary Mac Leman  gigged together from 1993 until 2005. Their music, a merging of contemporary and original
songs with airs, jigs, reels and polkas, was for the most part lively, whilst providing some more exotic material for the discerning listener.

As a general rule, Dreamcraft, spent most summers in Ireland, touring abroad for the winters. They were often on the continent in
Germany, the Nederlands, Belgium & Luxembourg, and also gigged in Scotland, Wales and England. At times they travelled even
further afield, visiting China, Singapore and Australia. Whilst the core of the band was the duo, they were at times joined on stage by
various other musicians, including, Jeff Ward, John Fitzgerald, Dave Mclelland, Tom O'Leary, Dave Barry, Ray Barron, Rob
Coppard, Dorothea & Trixie, to name a few.

In the summer of 1997 they released their first CD, which was recorded live, mostly in Kinsale. This also featured Tommy O’Leary, the
well known Clonakilty box-player and was entitled,
‘Spaces Between.’

Around the turn of the millennium a second CD, entitled ‘Echoes of Ancient Songs,' was released. It reflected what was happening
around them during 1999 in the small west Cork town of Clonakilty, where there always seemed to be an abundance of fine music and
talented musicians. Guests on the CD were Paddy Keenan, Ray Barron, Tom O’Leary, Cathal Hickey, Paul Jayes & John Fitzgerald.
The CD was well received, gaining airplay in many countries worldwide.

Dreamcraft's 3rd CD, entitled,
'The Wombat shuffle,' was released in October, 2003 and featured lots of great new songs played by
the duo and several guest musicians. These included; Tommy O’Leary, Ray Baron, Jason O’Driscol, Rob Coppard and John
Cullinane. A licensing and publishing agreement was signed with Fox music.

Both Geertien and Gary continue to play but alas they will remain on opposite sides of the planet. Geertien is gigging regularly around
west Cork as a duo with Tom O'Leary. They travel under the name
'Torc,' visit their website for a list of current gigs. The Dreamcraft
website has recently changed and of course if you're reading this then you know that don't you.

Below are some press comments we received over the years;

"Tonight almost a moon after a blurry night in Clonakilty, I find this lovely, haunting music in my possession. "Dreamcraft" .... I detect
influences........ The Waterboys, Scullion ..., Kate Bush, and the undeniable flavour of West Kerry...Ballyvourney ...and so on.
Enchanted." (Collette Olney, Dec 2004)

"Dreamcraft is great for a sense of heart that rides all the way from the most humorous to the most pensive of musical moods. If you like
your folk music unexpectedly diversified yet intertwined intimately with the tradition, shuffle on over to their Web site and order this CD."
(Green man review, May 2004)

"Last night we heard Dreamcraft, a Dutch girl and an Australian man, play jigs and reels and sing sad, ancient airs; and they were magic."
(Irish Examiner. 18/8/2003)

"I enjoyed this CD immensely. The band is aptly named for it's elaborations on the themes of fantasy and dream." (Green man review,

“Dreamcraft’s spirited music has wooed audiences during a world tour throughout Europe, Asia and Australia, including a session for
our very own Hollywood star, Russell Crowe.” ( Mt. Buller Festival Brochure, March 2001.)

“Dreamcraft, with some of the most original material to come out of the Irish folk scene in the last few years, continue to amaze as they tour
with their exquisite blend of poetic, self penned songs, contemporary folk songs and fiddle tunes. “ ( Manning River Times, January 2001.)

“With it’s emphasis on Gary’s originals and the band’s creative and tasteful arrangements, ‘ Echoes of Ancient Songs ’ is undeniably
Dreamcraft's best recording yet.” (Dutch Music Journal, January 2000.)

“Dreamcraft’s pub gigs feature traditional Irish fiddle tunes, contemporary songs, as well as their own self penned material. The discerning
listener will recognize the power of Dreamcraft’s original songs" (Medicine Music, January 1999.)
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